Vishal Sharma

Born and raised in an affluent family with strong values, Vishal was always a very bright and inquisitive kid.  An avid learner, having studied in premier institutes of the country, he continued to shine as a topper throughout his academic pursuit. He holds the following qualifications: B.Sc (Biotechnology), LLB, DCL, MBA (Mktg & HR), Dip. in EEP, Dip. in Psychology and multiple certifications in the area of Learning & Development. 

Throughout his decade long stint at multinational corporates as an acclaimed Learning & Development Consultant, Vishal always was driven with a strong purpose to impact, inspire and transform lives of millions. Thus, with an intense love for philanthropy and humanitarianism, he embarked on a transformational journey with a promise to self to help the world expand human consciousness and explore limitless possibilities. 

And this unswerving drive to transform his vision into a reality  led to the conceptualisation of Khoj Foundation.  

His Passion

As an unconventional thinker and believer in Socrates’s quote,
“I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think”, he has always been passionate about creating free, non-judgmental, innovative and inclusive learning spaces for harnessing the true power of experiential learning. 

As an unflinching optimist, he is continuously striving towards building a better world for the generations to come, through his unique method of blending spiritual seeking with materialistic ambition. He believes in celebrating Life and that every individual has a duty towards the society, and a small nudge of inspiration can lead to greater heights of self-discovery. 


His Vision

To inspire breakthroughs in anyone who desires abundance in any sphere of human endeavour – spiritual, emotional or material and to empower the youth to explore the infinite human potential, Vishal started “Khoj Foundation” a socio-spiritual initiative that is focused on imparting life transforming training to kids and adults from all walks of life. 

Through his thought-provoking orations, motivational speeches and empathetic training, he continues to make a difference to the lives of thousands. 

The Person

As a Fitness Enthusiast, a State-level athlete and  strong believer in the power of meditation, he trains and meditates 2-3 hours everyday and passionately studies the timeless philosophies and sciences of the east in great depth, focusing on seeing connections and messages for the modern world. He spends the 1st half of the day on personal growth and the other half on helping others. This includes everything from personal and collective meditation, study and reflection to teaching and philanthropy.

As a Counsellor and Coach, he has helped save the lives of thousands of students, professionals, single mothers and married couples suffering from depression, panic attacks, identity crisis and suicidal thoughts by helping them overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve personal breakthroughs through a unique blend of CBT, REBT and Coaching techniques. 

As an NLP Practitioner, he has coached over 10,000 people from different walks of life to reclaim their lives and achieve personal excellence through practical and scientifically proven techniques.

As a Legal Consultant he is a staunch advocate of human rights with a mission to spread legal awareness and provide free legal aid to the underprivileged sections of society.

As a Business Consultant, he has extended his expertise to companies of national repute in the area of Branding and Talent Development and has been keenly encouraging and guiding the youth on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

As a Learning Specialist, he continues to develop turnkey learning solutions for multinational companies and helps them create free, non-judgmental, safe and inclusive learning spaces.

As a Spiritual Seeker, he loves exploring and gathering insights from different religious texts in comparison atheistic and agnostic philosophies and blend these to build a path to self-discovery.

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