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Corporate Chanakya

Corporate Chanakya is a corporate success centric training program that is designed to empower participants with intelligent strategies to identify and nurture relationships with key stakeholders to ensure a fulfilling professional life and earn better career advancement opportunities within the organisation. It trains you to present yourself articulately, with confidence, and with purpose and helps you to maximise your control over your career. A rewarding career demands you to regularly identify, nurture and define strategies to build relationships that are vital to the future of your growth in the organisation. and define strategies to build these connections. 

Corporate Chanakya is the blueprint that will take your career to the next level.

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Train The Trainer

The Train Trainer workshop is designed to enhance the skills of Aspiring Trainers, Learning & Development Professionals, Teachers, Subject Matter Experts and anyone who desires to make it big in the Training & Development industry. The workshop helps you to set a benchmark as a trainer and gain a practical overview of the entire training process through modelling of the best practices and latest techniques in training design, development, delivery and evaluation to meet the rapidly developing challenges of the corporate training market.

The Train The Trainer workshop provides ground-breaking training solutions and equips participants with pragmatic strategies to create a winning sales pitch and market their training programs effectively across different channels of communication.

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